What defines a ‘Great’ looking homepage

We all try to do what we think is best for our own homepage, but sometimes we have to imagine how the visitor will react to it.

The homepage should clearly state exactly what you need the visitor to know very easily, i.e “what service do you provide”, “who you are” and “what can the visitor do here”. Have you ever been on a homepage and really had to work for these answers? Did you stay on it for very long? Or did you go back and search for another site? The term “user friendly” is a key to a great web site.

Be direct, if you have an air-conditioning business, make sure the words “Air-conditioning” or at least “Air-con” are in plain site. Pictures also work wonders. Now you don’t need to go overboard and have 100’s of pictures or photos of air-cons, but definitely have some above the fold (essentially the top half of the site)

Make sure the homepage is pleasing to the eye. You want to compel the visitor to stick around and find out more about you and what your service is for them and not for them to navigate to your competitors.

In today’s mobile world a lot of homepages listed have flash banners, pop ups, animations or over complicated elements. These may work fine on a laptop or desktop (personally I try to keep these at a minimal amount), but on a mobile, it becomes very tedious and not user friendly.

There should always be Call-To-Action (CTA’s) options such as “Book Now”, “Call or E-mail for a quote” or “Learn More”. Once again, these should stand out and be in plain site in a few optimal positions around the page.

Other items which I prefer having (Google likes them also) is information such as location, opening times or any special services or products available. All of these attributes can be the difference between a “good” and a “great” homepage. They will make the page feel more personal and prevent the visitors from needing to navigate through countless pages to find the desired information which they are seeking.

So to sum up, the ideal homepage

  • Answers lots of questions quickly
  • Easily explains the services or products provided
  • Keeps the visitor interested
  • Is simple to navigate (even on a mobile)
  • Uses pictures, photos, different fonts and colours so important facts stand out
  • Able to contact you if they require any other information

Hopefully this will give you some food for thought about your new homepage, but if in doubt, feel free to ring me on 0417 192 013 or email me on our contact page and let Daclaw Digital do what we do best.

All the best,


(owner/manager at Daclaw Digital)